One million things to do in The Griff!

The Griffintown is revamped from an industrial area to a residential area
The Griffintown Project

Griffintown, also known as “The Griff” is a vibrant part of downtown Montreal, Quebec. Starting in 2012, the city of Montreal revealed plans to revitalize the district, helping to bring new life to a historic part of the city. This revitalization effort is scheduled to continue through 2025. You will find many reasons to visit already.


hhGriffintown is named for Mary Griffin, who obtained the lease illegally and had the land subdivided and street plans laid for what would later become a powerful industrial district. In the early 19th Century, Griffintown became home to unskilled Irish labourers who worked on the Lachine Canal, the railways, and the Port of Montreal. The heart of the community was St. Ann’s Catholic Church, erected in 1854.

By the early 20th Century, the demographics of Griffintown changed, with the Irish becoming the minority in favour of Jews, Ukrainians, and other immigrant groups. Following World War II, additional changes would come to Griffintown, as the St. Lawrence Seaway overtook the Lachine Canal as a major transportation artery. In 1962, the district was rezoned and buildings demolished, the most impactful being the demolishing of St. Ann’s Church in 1970.

Modern Griffintown

The Irish immigrants who congregated at St. Ann’s would not recognize Griffintown today. While they would not know what to make of this revitalized area, you will be able to find plenty to do, whether you are visiting on vacation or looking to relocate.

The Arsenal

If you enjoy contemporary art, then the Arsenal is a must-see. Set in an 1843 Steamboat factory, the Arsenal features a gallery, video screening room, and exhibition space. Now through August 15, 2015, the Arsenal is featuring Jean-Francois Bouchard’s Transpose. This moving exhibition captures the personal stories of trans men in stark and powerful photographs. His goal was to take men who face prejudice and marginalization, and capture their amazing strength and courage. If you have a passion for LGBT issues or powerful photography that speaks to the heart and mind, this exhibit one you cannot miss.


Located along Notre-Dame St, Grinder is a steak house plus. You can find your cooked classics, such as New York Strip, Filet Mignon, and Rib Eye steak. If you have an adventurous and discerning palate, you can also sample their Tartare dishes – that is raw meats such as Steak Tartare.

The Griffintown Café

Griffintown Café serves up Quebec’s finest craft beers to Jazz. Nothing else really needs to be said. Few things go together more beautifully. If you do need a little more prompting, however, you can always try out a sample (of the Jazz) here.

New City Gas

If you are looking for exciting nightlife, look no further than New City Gas. A very popular nightclub, it features live music regularly. You can also celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party and get some extra swag.

Griffintown Ghostwatch

In 1879, Susan Kennedy beheaded a prostitute named Mary Gallagher over the attention Gallagher received from a client. According to legend, Gallagher’s ghost returns every 7 years to Griffintown in an attempt to find her head. Residents gather every 7 years (the last was in 2012) to catch a glimpse of the apparition. If you are considering relocating, then you have something interesting and historical to look forward to in 2019, as well as a great opportunity to meet new people in the area.


Part of the revitalization of Griffintown includes new living space through the district. The largest of these is District Griffin, which is a combination of three different building projects. Each project offers residents and future residents a variety of locales. Residents can enjoy riverside living at the Peel Basin, live close to downtown, or near shops and entertainment.

Griffintown has much to offer visitors and new residents to Montreal. Explore, see what The Griff has to offer. For more information, or to keep track of future developments in the area, subscribe!












Montreal, land of opportunities for investors!

Three Reasons Why Montreal Is a Real Estate Paradise

Since youth, we have all been indoctrinated to believe in the old adage that says: “your home is your biggest investment”. Do you believe it? Have you ever doubted it? If not, I am sad to tell you that you are wrong. This isn’t an absolute, simply because not all “investments” in real estate make money, too many of them fail and fill the streets with self-called “investors”. Real estate, like in any market, is based on offer and demand: scarcity of free rooms, close institutions and the eventuality for new and sought projects are all required for a rise in value. All these qualities make Montreal a paradise for real estate investments.

Heavy Population – Population Growth – and Renewal of Population

In a capitalist world, scarcity of a sought product raises the product’s price so investors must buy products with a long lasting demand ensured. Simple isn’t it? Not so sure because many adhere to the dogma that a pretty  maintained house will raise in value no matter what because everyone love pretty houses! The geography of the housing is the most important factor because a raise in prices is ensured by a low number of free housing or competition will kill the price. Thus, population must grow (high long-lasting demand) or its circulation through tourism or extended stays must be high (occupation of the free housing).

In the case of our case study, Montreal has proven strong internals. With a metropolitan population of 4.1million people  on the island alone, the population has grown of approximately 15% within the last 10 years. Furthermore, the largest city of Canada welcomes 17 000 international students who fill empty homes all year long, adding a positive bias to prices. This positive bias is magnified the seven million overnight visitors and the twelve million day trip visitors the city welcome every year. This variety in clients makes the city ideal for every type of housing, may it be apartment location, long-lasting homes, hotels or furnished apartments.

Consistent Rise in Prices

                These strong statistics have proven to be successful by the city’s success of its real estate market. Since numbers don’t lie, let’s see what they have to say. First of all, Canada’s real estate market in general is one of the most consistent worldwide, being down for only one year in more than 15 years (during the 2006-2009 global recession). Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that Quebec is the most attractive province in Canada for two-bedrooms apartments with the lowest rental price so rental yields in Montreal increase by approximately 6% every year in Montreal (4% for Toronto). Nation-wide, including unattractive places, the vacancy rate has been down to 2.3% lately, making vacant and affordable housing very hard to find in popular cities like Montreal.  (Informations here)

City projects

                The actual situation is favorable for investments but the future looks also more than promising. Indeed, the city invests a lot to keep the interest of investors lively: major projects are announced on a monthly basis. Notably, new residential developments allow a consistent growth of population. For example, a dozen projects are in progress in Lachine, a district of Montreal located 15 minutes from downtown and Montreal Trudeau Airport (Lachine offers its residents access to many heritage sites, good schools, more than 200 businesses, a public market and a bike path along the Lachine Canal). Likewise, some major construction projects are destined to forever change the city’s skyline. This includes hotels, business and commercial towers and major housing buildings.

Diversity of Neighborhoods on theIsland

                The real estate market of Montreal not only shows a steady and consistent raise, it also offers opportunities for many types of investors. The geographical proportions of the city are huge and its population density and diversity varies hugely. For example, consistent profits have been made with apartments in downtown as with investments in major projects homes kept for years. More information on the market turning points will surely come in the forthcoming blogposts so be sure to follow us on social medias so you don’t miss valuable information!

How to Make the Best of your Free Time in Montreal


downtown Montreal events
There’s so much to do in Montreal

You still don’t know specifically what to do in Montreal after I’ve given you great places to visit in our last article “Stop asking what to do in Montreal”? Well, it’s not that bad since I’ll give you a glimpse of the uncountable events that take place in Montreal, some of them once a year and others regularly.

Yearly events

First of all, many people come to Montreal for no more than a week because they are attracted by a specific event that suits them. We’re talking about all the festivals and specific events of Montreal organised by third parties or the city itself for every season (“every week would be more appropriate”).

We can name the notorious annual Jazz Festival that is organised every year and during which dozens of well-known musicians, singers and other performers are invited to give the best they have in this conglomeration of talent. Actually, all the most talented and trending musical artists pass through Montreal at least once since there are events for every genre. For example, the “Bal en Blanc” is one of the oldest, visually outstanding and notorious electronic music event, supported by all the best DJs worldwide. “Ocheaga” and “Igloo fest” are other events organised for music lovers. Of course, the city’s dynamic doesn’t revolve solely around music. Talented musicians love Montreal but speaking of talent, let’s name the “Just for Laugh” festival when the most talented humorists gather once a Year to give you the best abs training there is.

Event places

We’ve already talked about all the places there is to visit in Montreal but what’s special about them is that the organisers put a maximal effort to always renew the experience, it’s a special moment every time.

The first thing that comes in mind about this subject Is the incredible amount of clubs, bars and restaurants in Montreal that offer an original and personal experience every week when performers give a show in front of only dozens of people (or a few hundreds). Crowded events are also usual in places like the “Metropolis”,  the “Club Soda” or the Bell Center where artists of every genre perform (hip hop, rock, jazz, dance and theatre shows…). Actually, 464 concerts have already been confirmed for the rest of the year (and yes, there’s only three months left for the rest of the year). Let’s not forget the “Palais des Congrès”, a center for notorious events like the International Auto Show of Montreal, the “Bal en Blanc” and other recreational events or professional congresses.

What is coming

Again, it’s impossible to make it through all the events in Montreal. What you can do is booking a hotel room or a furnished accommodation in Montreal and be sure that your schedule is full. The following websites will help you to do it: there’s this one, this one  and this one. If you’ve appreciated the content, don’t forget that “sharing is caring”! Join us on our social medias to give your opinion and share the great content!

Stop asking what to do in Montreal


The Mount Royal brings a natural feeling in the middle of a massive city, it is ideal for diversifying activities when visiting Montreal
The Mont Royal is surrounded by the city

A Simple Guide to Visiting a Great City

Do you know where to go on your next business trip or touristic travel? If the answer is that you’re not sure, put a smile on your face because I’m about to tell you where. Montreal is known for its uncountable attractions, so much that it can lower the experience in the case you feel lost between all the events. That is why I’ll show you quickly where to go and what to do in Montreal, places you don’t want to miss.

The Old Montreal

First, on a cultural side, if you look at the city, you’ll see at a glance that modern architecture is married to a heavy traditional luggage. Montreal’s politicians have put a lot of work protecting historical sites like the old Montreal, a region neighbouring the old port, both great examples of European architecture and warm touristic places. Many bars and shops are located in the old Montreal, which makes it a very agreeable place for an outdoor walk.

The Mont Royal

Second, if you enjoy outdoor walks, going on top of the Mount Royal is itself a pleasure. Of course, it isn’t far away, the city is built around it! It won’t take time from your hotel in downtown Montreal. Tourism is actually very welcomed in this part of the city where trails cross an accessible forest.

The Underground City of Montreal

Third, a landmark of the place is the underground city. It is a network of underground tunnels linking commercial centers, important buildings and the subway in Downtown Montreal. The tunnel network is 32km long so don’t think about doing it in one day (you’ll stop too many times in the commercial center to do it anyways; here’s a map of the underground city of Montreal just in case.

Le Cirque du Soleil

Fourth, events all over the city are made every day so don’t you dare spend your trip in you apartment and say that it’s a boring city. The most renown of them is the Cirque du Soleil. It is the most remarkable and appreciated circus of the world and grants Montreal a couple weeks every year since it was built in Quebec.

La Place des Arts

Fifth, “Place des Arts”. Just go there in summer and bring a camera with you. I needn’t say more… To resume, it’s clear that I can’t enumerate all the places you’ll enjoy when visiting Montreal, Canada but you can have a picture here. What do you think about these places? Is there any that you’ve always wanted to visit but isn’t in that list? Is there any that you’ve visited? Give us your appreciations and if you liked or learnt something, be sure to share this post and to follow us on the social medias so you don’t miss the awesome!

7 Reasons Why Montreal Is Ideal for Extended Stay

Montreal’s seasons: the city is always a surprising world of wonders for a changing business landscape, a competitive commercial sector and a growing and renown nightlife culture
Montreal is for everyone. It is universally renowned as a welcoming place and a center for culture, knowledge, business and leisure. Find out why!

Montreal is for everyone and every situation. It is a city rich of history, vibrant with the energy and at the hearth of the growth of North America. Many important questions must be answered before traveling, the two most important being “Where to stay?” and “How long”. The first question doesn’t take long to answer for Montreal. Hotels define the skyline of Downtown Montreal and there’s housing adapted to everyone and every situation. The second answer is, to my humble opinion, that Montreal is perfect for extended stays. America’s most pulsating city on so many levels will be explained in the following lines.

1. There Are Too Many Places to Visit.

Too many things to say on this one! Montreal is a city rich of history that has grown with Northern America and It’s geography being close to the United States America and in the middle of the St-Laurent river (the largest river in north America) has brought influence from all the continent and overseas. Add to this that Downtown Montreal is rich with students, businessmen,  a young population and a local population dedicated to make the city beautiful, and you have a globally renown nightlife, Montreal’s touristic places packed all year long and a welcoming place for festivals .

2. There Are Too Many Events to Attend to. 

Montreal’s festivals are too numerous to be listed in this blogpost. One thing is sure, even the loneliest loner will finds a reason to go out at least once a year. Here’s a list of the principal events (yes, it’s a short one…): There’s also the local Montreal nightlife events like these Montreal’s events and these  events in Montreal. I must not forget that it is the home of the reknown hockey team that is the Montreal’s Canadiens (so many people would have hated me if I had forgotten to mention them).

3. There Are Too Many People to Meet.

The population of Montreal is one of the richest melting pot worldwide. Being in a francophone province surrounded by Anglophone provinces and the US, the city has attracted not only tourists but also people who have seen good reasons for extend stays. The city is enriched with flavours of all over the world and a population willing to mix. It has become one of the most universally welcoming city for foreign people so people come for tourism, extended stays, Montreal’s universities, corporate stays and to get the Canadian citizenship!

4. There Are Too Many Skylines to Appreciate.

Quebec’s seasonality offers different skylines all year long. It’s the main reason why people are fond of that place, you can be stagnant for months and still have surprises from a city in eternal change .

5. There Are Too Many Things to Learn.

Montreal’s universities are renown all over the world for the quality of the education and the opportunities they offer to their students. They are some of the most compliant towards students exchange and internships to foreign places. It’s not for no reason that the city has flourished with student housing, welcoming the youth of all over the world. Here’s a list of French and English universities in Montreal with informations and links to websites.

6. There Are Too Many Opportunities Not to Miss. 

People concerned know it. Montreal is a business center. It is a beacon for raw materials from all of Canada, a center for technological developments, a prominent  center for technical formation , a home for so many successful businessmen in the American markets and a junction between Canada, the US and Europe (For information, Montreal’s GDP exceeds 110 billion dollars a year).

7. Montreal Is for Everyone and Every Situation.

Montreal’s multicultural heritage and the city’s policies make it a welcoming beacon for anyone worldwide. Few are those who feel lonely and forsaken when they arrive in the city. Actually, the first step is easy, great offers are made all year long for apartments for rent, furnished apartments, luxury apartments, affordable apartments,  houses for rent and hotel suits. Any reason is, thus, good to extend the trip. What is your reason to extend your trip and what do you need for an extended stay in Montreal? A vacation rental? A student housing? A corporate housing?

The reasons to take time to appreciate Montreal are the same that make the city so great. There are so many that the above points will actually be central points of forthcoming blogposts where they will be detailed so be sure to follow us on social medias so you don’t miss valuable information and read the last blogpost to know what to do to find the perfect home for you in Montreal!


5 Tips for finding a great apartment in Montreal!!!

Moving in the one of the biggest cultural centers in Northern America can be destabilizing. It isn’t easy to find a condo, a townhome or an apartment for rent in Montreal that suits your needs. Hopefully, these 7 tips to make your search easy and fun, may it be with the help of a specialized broker, by an apartment finder or an apartment guide.

  1. Don’t be a latecomer! You’re looking for the best in a trending city. You’re actually in competition with every newcomer who’s looking for the same as you want, comfort. It takes time to find the perfect apartment, start early with the next tips in mind!
  2. Hunt for opportunities. Gain control of every pertinent information in the real estate market of the region of your choice. Montreal is a huge and very active city. People will always come and go leaving one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments or studio apartments at impressive prices. Also, be sure to be on the lookout for promotions.
  3. Don’t focus too much on the apartment itself! Take time to map your neighbourhood. Comfort is the main aim when looking for an apartment. The proximity of the services, your work and the transport systems are key fact for a comfortable long term stay. That being said, Downtown Montreal is a concentration of everything you can be looking for, may it be business opportunities, commercial centers or cultural events.
  4. Don’t trust everyone! Deal with an experimented and trustworthy broker. Ensure yourself that the persons you’re dealing with have your requirements at heart and that they offer you a vast choice of apartments and locations.
  5. Act Fast! You’ve started early, you’ve been on the watch for opportunities, you found a comfortable apartment well situated and offered by a trustworthy and experimented broker. Now What? CALL! You may be looking for a corporate stay or a student apartment, a short-term rental or a long-term rental, that isn’t important for the owner. You must act fast to show that you’re a well-qualified person before someone else does! Sometime, promotions will fade away before you call back! Ask to take a tour and make your decision fast!

I sincerely hope that these tips will help you to find the perfect apartment to appreciate Montreal in every way possible. Feel free to add your own tips and to comment!